Hi, front of my channel! Today here, at jaw fell, and pointer which is acute, Costas promises our 400,000 right now. But behind the illustrated shoppers rustling on by three shots, all dedicated to like beauty in hair and my pharmacy products. I really quite fun, and I definitely have the cases of genuine as like right now, my soul sister is sad inside out, and the circular places have loads of most patients. Don't taste as bad, and it could be that I'm going to be .
Had I think something today I,GV, Mike Nolan, have described you bet living I check out. As I think, you, guys, come up with us for the day see what is my side right, that's what save and it technically on subscribe using authority cool coffee shop complete. Complete this technique today, come to a decision on Roberson.
So,yeah, okay, Malik Sanon sighs! I guess you're going to come in, so this place is absolutely huge just gross axle miles. We've even got like fragrances, we've got things in nutrition it looks at. It's got lots of like health kind of products like, cool that all, I've had about this, okay .
So joint health, these sleep, I actually buy these, and liberty, and how much they hear my name 25 years Rams, in Christ almighty.These are great fast the gym soaking up in the bath. It's just a really good way to kind of relax your muscles . But I've heard a lot about this magnesium oil , if you have really sore muscles already paid after the gym. What's your justice in general, apparently, these oils are amazing. So I'm definitely going to be having a look at these 13 pounds, but wheels always last a really long time. This is a pill mineral spray and yet apparently they're really good for rubbing on sore bodies after the gym. So they've got a lot of different alternative tease, i think herbal teas, as you're really great remedy for various different things, obviously, the plastic ones are like peppermint suits, like people stomach ache or digestion issues, and i did a video about how to fight winter blues.
Although generators just really beating me up right now but penalty is a really great tea, if you do have to include only taking a little bit down, this is going to be really good. It's also really good for like pms, fix the digestion, system immune, system furloughs, benefits penalty. I already have a stock at home and subsistence organic and here let's got loads of the season.

Now if you are looking for other boutique, makeup boutiques, you can hop on Covent Garden. Covent Garden is actually one of my favorite places to go for makeup shopping in London.

Here, okay, some drums bought. I haven't had this myself at this post that we help select your state of mind which is really cool little tea. I've heard really good things about this, as well. So it's a good support of your joint. So I guess that would be goes in supplement of like working out and just loosening up a bit.
So I'm going of Health section these are absolutely delicious and see if you like Marmite , you, currently like Marmite, that they just roasted cashew nuts. With a camera, I guess like school. So, I think, it's a little bit like soy sauce but these are really good they were really good snack one kind 20, i usually get these as whole foods, but, I mean nobody good.
I'm sick. I'm going to get a packet. So just put those in the basket. Alan will love those as well he's coming in the Quran chance adelfa, keeping a lot lighter load . Well I've just seen, they've got some Morea protein in here. This is actually my favorite protein powder.
Oh good see! We've got it here! Actually, really hard to Malaysia by on Hampton. Sometimes, we have a whole foods if anyone does vanilla flavor. Here my favorite is the chocolate. It's still got like that protein powder texture, so that makes was like almond milk coconut, milk is really high. I'm very closed about this. This is my absolute favorite to taste and when you think Martha to post for quite a long time, I never really got into it, because I didn't like the flavors of it. Until he got the liquid truck which is just down here, I found some five but it's so good and usually at six pounds where we buy it. But this book, fish one, it sounds like. It wouldn't be very nice, but it is so good. It foams up really nicely , it tastes great destiny . A dementia buster! So I want to try the Jasmine in mint , one you can see, how this compares for the licorice. But, we love America! Charlie's our biggest to pop that into the basket doing quite well so far look .
I go, Alan, mmm, that's so good are they, yeah, you can have those leases, so, Marvis, even have a mouthwash which that packaging is really nice.That would look so good. On the kind of thing, Flores is a really famous like perfumer and soap maker in London, based apply spokesman stuff for the royal family, and I have a rose concentrated mouthwash. Rose mouthwash that must be interesting. So you can use this back to California, hard infamy, would always buy online, but I brought it ,here, which is really good. It's quite hard to find and right 20 pounds, i think, that's how much i would pay online. It's really hard to find in my other places, so, if using of their products they've got them here. I said what they're like conditioner and shampoo. Would you recommend this? I think, yeah!
This work quite well for me ,aight, involved is a niche personal brand, and, i think, i think, they say it! Seems like they are very masculine figure for a typical owns. This o de toilette really smells like men's cologne , this one, and, what it smells like? If i could too lonesome with cucumber but it's very rich and then, this one Egypt kind of smells like an ooze mixed with like a cologne. How you describe it? I think that one "lass cuba" nice, this one out of the three of them quite like this one. That one is that was more of an everyday sent, the conveying temps may be in my tent or, if you like, really strong dude kind of spicy masculine fragrances. That's Satan Bob Egypt! I think that's the newest one.
This place is amazing. I just had something in here you just got everything you could imagine, they look like special bears, they've got gym equipment, they've got a chiropractor and just dentist. So much stuff they've even got someone to check like your scalp health.

What’s good, London? It’s Sunday morning and today we’re hanging out at Brick Lane Market. This place is super rad to come and hang out, chill, grab a drink and eat some really dope food.

It's really cool in here! No wonder people rave about it.
-So , um, hi, son, yes! This is amazing! This would make the dazzle! This is very cheaply but mini bio demo which I always thought of buying heard. It's just a lot of money for the small bottle, but, it was come in so handy traveling. So I think he's a fighter on 50. I might get one in three.
-Hi, girl, I might see what other sizes are available. Because I love Maya Dermot's, the best product to take off your makeup in a rush, just fits move on a cotton pad. It's really gentle, and that's really good one to travel especially with the amount of three-day trips. We do they put all the market toothpaste in many sizes, well, not many, it's just 25. Now if you don't want to rush out and you want to try to persuade vers these guys are really good way to do it, so put a huge range of the bomb armed like.
I guess beauty and hair products as I tried any of these myself and, you know, I just feel like. Would it even be any good if any of you have tried anything for that one Klein the comments below, if they're worth them: "neon is one of my favorite natural and really really luxurious brands or skin care bar like, even candles for the oils body washes absolutely smells incredible".
They've got a huge range here. It's , actually, really hard I neon. We used to find it insulted but I don't think, they have it anymore whole physical hopefully, the other is also rarely and hopefully many more but all natural organic. It's literally smells like a spa. I see the body scrub which actually something look like. They have always looks like. They only have the candles and the oils , so they used to be a body scrub I would use, I think, in the real luxury range which is right. When the German Embassy in Rosewood, it's not incredible literally using that scrub was like heaven and I ran out, and I've not been able to find it just look like. We have it here , I'm going to keep looking see if they have any more neon products because they are amazing!
-Ok, 31 pounds. So it doesn't come treats but this candle the real luxury one , it smells like a noise incredible, and bar, this would be the perfect candle holder in the bar this locks. His terms, lavender range is really really nice. I have the foaming bath which is, yes, here! I really like that! You just put quite a little bit running under a hot tap and it sounds up in the bar that smells like lavender. A really, really nice ball!
-Hey! What's up? Ok, guys, I would have to either a mentor lighting in here, and it's getting dark out. Which is office, anymore trinity.
Anyway, that was an exciting race! I'm going to show you, guys, what I picked up my neighbors first deposit, the source which is on Window street, as well. Really, really nice to hear.
It's a really big local space, though the windows and this brownie look incredible. I think it's like am in fully mechanized , I go back to take quick phone calls. And meanwhile, I'm eating all of the good side of the case .
So it's like a , it's like a soft caramel go XXX your brownie. Probably, I'm drooling just thinking about this. You, guys, and I have a huge speakers. Oh, my god, okay.
So, I would show you my, what I picked up and I should just using, feature is nothing got to show you the man Virginia the first are these fossil. I sense these colleges did seem possible surface having p.m. exactly so they liked my hairline revised, they need 25 paramedics getting so much tea person seemed amazon. So let me try something , siren is amazing, so i also picked up the quarterly beauty. Aleksei in the first email profound. I've had amazing things but apparently this is Victoria Beckham still can't be refuted for that.
So, it if you like please miss Kona early, it makes your picture slow and made smooth. I've never tried the veldt forces be huggin up with that Idenix. That is the trilogy rose oil and I've heard many good things about this specific motor oil but current Alaska's will in general is really good, just added illustrator and kind of face and a quiz daleney express like skin tone hugs with firmness of the skin, so, I, me posted Tyler's event id goodness, I thought CC cream. On today, the lycian operated a typically personnel, he went somebody no idea red team, and I like that, but I think what we might going to even out my skin tone especially because and under get swallowed. It's really called out now the Internet connection. I wear and makeup sometimes, we do across space together.
-First try that. That was 26 pounds, not cheap, so will our freedom try a little developers on the web and then the rest of it. Really is, i figure out of getting that leasing wheels to speed, well, smack the lip example. It will try, it first came to our like 66 home, I think, mainly because it's like supposes oil and added a lot of it. So I some really wanted to try this open by and Ramires but I'm sure, it was in there creating . It isn't on my problem exactly, I'm going to school on this hospital car. Today I'm wearing the highly lip pencil.
We hope you like it , hope, okay. Quite a very big news mine is a little less, the kind of a shock to us, excited kind of accepting, much like a little bit because of my fifth, and then my favorite like noodles, they taught me to fish like for you to sing please reason, like you know, you, another income.
Okay, guys, so we're home now. It was freezing out today on our walk home. I felt like someone was holding ice cubes to my cheeks. It was so cold. I'm just editing the video, I'm gonna upload it now. And once it's finished editing it, I realized they didn't say goodbye to you guys.
I hope, you enjoyed the video. John Bell and Cuidan was a really cool shot. I highly recommend it! If you're in London also going to where we had our brownie and chocolate. Alan had a coffee and what was it called on sourced, it was really, really nice in there, pretty good vibes and really good bakery section and sandwiches and things like that.
So we had a really good day. Hope you ,guys, enjoyed it. If you want me to explore more places like this in London, give this video a thumbs up, let me know in the comments below, and, if you have anywhere else, you would recommend for getting really cool like beauty products and things like that.
Definitely let me know. I'm going to have more videos coming like this very soon. I love taking around London ,so I hope, you enjoyed it, as well.
And if you did enjoy it and I'm not subscribed already , hit the subscribe button. It would really mean lot to me, I love seeing how many of you joining this community. And ,yes, that's about it !
I'll see you very soon. Bye guys!

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